Digital Discount Coupons with Mapping and Tracking

(Smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers)

Captains and Crew (yacht, airline & ship), Passengers, Visitors and Hotel Guests,
Locals, Local Students and U.S. Military
  • How Opt In Savings Works

    In a few easy steps you create an account for your business. You can create your own coupon and all the details including terms and conditions, total coupon amount and /or expiration date. You can post your coupon (or several coupons) with any promotion you wish. You can choose the audience you wish to target (one, multiple or all groups) such as Crew with Crew ID, Passengers with Passenger ID, Visitors/hotel guests with out of state (non-local) ID, Locals with local ID, Local Students with local student ID, and Captains (yacht, airline or ship) with Captain ID or Military with military ID.

    Every registered business has its own back end control panel where all activity can be monitored from. Upon creating a coupon, an affiliate link is generated for each coupon. This link can be posted on Social Media pages or broadcasted to existing databases. When any customer registers and downloads any coupon, on each coupon it will show that it is referred by your business thus giving your business more exposure. Your logo will also show at the top of the website thus creating brand recognition.

    Opt In Savings will assist in marketing and promoting your coupon/s to all these groups through additional intelligent marketing mediums targeting the groups you select for your audiences.

    You are in full control of your marketing campaigns. You can control the total coupons which can be downloaded (managing your budget), change the promotion at any time, change the expiration date, and even track the source of every coupon.

    Customers can register for free in a few easy steps in less than one minute. Once registered, the customer can filter by Port/Location, by Category, and by Discount type. The customer can also search what he or she is looking for. The customer can save and show your coupon at your business and redeem your offer, thus driving you the traffic you want with tracking.

    Customers save these selected coupons on smart phones, tablets or computers in the cloud. The customer shows an ID which matches the ID on the coupon under which he/she registered and redeem the offers.

    Be ahead of your competitors!

  • Key Features of Opt In Savings

    When deciding how and where to advertise, ask yourself the following questions:

    • What is my budget? Who is my targeted audience? How will I get my customer’s attention?
    With Opt In Savings, you
    • Choose your promotion and post in the form of Intelligent Digital Coupons.
    • Choose your targeted audience.
    • Set the number of coupons you wish to be downloaded.
    • Track and monitor your business.
    You are 100% in control. Log into your control panel and monitor your activity and traffic.
    The license fee is $10 per month. Target one or several groups (crew, passengers, locals, visitors, captains, students and/or US military.)

    Your own affiliate link
    • When you register onto the system you have the option to check the box to be an affiliate. (There is no additional fee for this option)
    • You get your own link ( where you can unselect competitor or unwanted business' coupons to show.
    • When your customers register your posted coupon will show first. Your business logo will also show at the top of the site thus creating brand recognition.
    • Get notified when new coupons are added in your location/port by other merchants. (This is where you can choose whether or not to show them in your affiliate link.)
    • You do not pay for any coupons customers download.
    Special features:
    • Add additional coupons for $2 per month.
    • Set coupon expiration dates (optional) and receive a notification before it expires.
    • You set the limit on the number of coupons which can be downloaded. Particularly effective with blowout or loss-leader promotions where you have a limit on special promotions.
    • Receive notifications when 20% and 10% of your budget and any coupons limit is reached.
    • Each coupon shows the SOURCE, which is the affiliate from which the coupon was downloaded.
    • When customers register, they have the option to receive notifications whenever you change your coupon. They can choose by Port/Location, by Category and by discount. This is a very powerful tool for you to use to drive traffic during slow times.
    Tracking, mapping, search options and web links
    • Every downloaded coupon has a unique bar code (with number.)
    • When a customer presents your downloaded coupon for redemption, you can enter this number (or use our customized bar code reader APP) for redemption tracking. A downloaded coupon cannot be redeemed twice once the code has been entered or scanned. This unique option allows you to control your inventory on redemption.
    • You can create unlimited accounts where you or your employees can log into o be able to redeem customer coupons. This special feature prevents employees to have access to your back end control panel.

    When customers view your coupon, they can map to see the exact location of your business

    Search Options

    When creating your coupon, you can add words related to your business. Customers can search for words within the site under Port/Location, Category, and Discount and if any of the words match words entered by you, your coupon will show.

    Web Links

    You can enter your business website URL or Social Media page. This link will show on your coupon which will give the customer a better glimpse of your business.

  • 10 Facts About Mobile Coupons You Should Know

    • More than 97% of crew members visiting your port own a smart phone, tablet or laptop
    • More than 95% of cruise passengers search online for discounts in the ports they will visit prior to their cruise
    • More than 83% of visitors search online for discounts and deals prior to taking a vacation.
    • More than 45% of all smart phone/tablet users have already used mobile coupons
    • More than 35.7 million people will download mobile coupons by the year 2014
    • Mobile coupons get 10 x the redemption rate than traditional printed coupons
    • 67% of mobile users agree that location-based coupons are "very convenient and useful"
    • 54% of mobile users who download a coupon will use it.
    • 74% of people that hear about mobile coupons are interested in it
    • U.S. smart phone mobile coupon users is increasing from 7.4 million in 2010 to 47.1 million in 2014

    Facts differ from search engine to search engine. To read about more REAL facts visit These facts are posted by reliable sources such as Business Insider, Loyalty 360,, Charles Schwab, Microsoft, Google, Wall Street Journal and more.