With a combination of existing proven marketing mediums (which is completely out of the ordinary) and niche market concepts, our customers can choose under a menu of groups which to identify with.

We commercially "CONNECT" consumers to merchants.

Merchants can choose from a "group menu" which consumers they wish to target.The "group menu" consists of a combination of niche market audiences.The Merchant offers his promotions in the form of a "DIGITAL COUPON" which connects to the targeted audience with the intent to attract more business.A summary of some great features of Opt In Savings are listed below.


  • Can create real time DIGITAL COUPONS at any time and target Opt In Consumers instantly.
  • Are in full control of a marketing campaign with specialized analytics features which can be managed from a secure control panel.
  • Multiple COUPONS with different promotions can target multiple audiences in multiple territories (Locations/ports)

Consumers get access to these "DIGITAL COUPONS" by using innovative technology made available to them and can customize their choices to meet their preferences. The consumer can filter through different Locations/ports and different categories to find what they are looking for and even filter more to find the very best COUPON. All COUPONS are free to the consumer and can be saved securely in many different ways, ready to be redeemed at the right moment.

Opt In Savings uses the marketing arm, "Quattro Promotions" (Developed by Sunrise Global Marketing Inc. and its partners) to commercially connect each merchant with the consumers.